Skimmer 3,5 hp

Floating motor pump designed to separate and recover hydrocarbons from the water surface.

Aquafast - SKIMMER 3.5
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  • Aquafast - SKIMMER 3.5

Our hydrocarbon skimmer is a floating motor pump designed to separate and recover hydrocarbons (such as oil, fuel oil and other petroleum pollutants) floating on the water surface.

Thanks to its separation mechanism, it prevents these substances from contaminating water, helping to protect aquatic ecosystems and reduce environmental risks.

– Additional pipe float
– Swimming pool kit
– Transport kit


Minimum depth of water to operate: 10 cm
Can dry run: yes
Detachable floater: yes
Engine: Briggs & Stratton 3,5hp 4 stroke
Full tank capacity: 0.85 liter
Running time without refuelling: 40 minutes
Discharge outlet: 2,5’’ BSP (coupling on demand)
Weight: 27 kg
Maximum flow: 600 l/mn
Maximum height of discharge: 12,0 m
Maximum height in skimming: 2,5 m
Width of the water intake between the baffles: 110 cm


– Ergonomic carrying handle
– Discharge outlet 2.5’’
– Trap at the bottom of the weir converts the skimmer immediately into a floating transfer pump
– Easily stowable thanks to the removable and detachable float
– Starting phase which does not require water and can therefore startdry
– Robust and low-maintenance pump
– Hatch underneath, it provides a water supplement to the motor pump, allowing for rinsing or standard water draw.
– Self-adjusting weir whatever the flow rate of the pump

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