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The new generation of blower Mach 52 has an upgrade performance, after a successful from Mach 51 that has been sold widely all over the world, we put our effort to develop the new MACH 52, after years of experience in the industry, we manage to create an ingenious product.

With the new Mach 52 we manage to gain more power on the air out-put although the engine power is decreasing we re-design the housing and the blade to make it more efficient both in fuel usage and storage space.


Drive Speed: Combustion engine
Engine Power: 3,6 Kw
Air Output effective: Approx 52.000 m3/h
Engine: Honda GP 160
Material of Housing & Blade: Aluminium
Number of blade: 8
Tilt Angle: +20° / -20°
Dimension (w x h x d): 51 x 55 x 48 cm
Autonomy Time: 2h10
Capacity of gasoline tanks: 3,1 L
Weight: 29 Kg
Warranty: One Year


– Easy to set up
– The lightest and the most compact of its category
– The design makes the blower easy to carry and lift
– Very easy to store in any type of vehicle
– Large protective shroud

– High-pressure ventilation fan
– New design of the blade with more power out-put
– Extended inclination range for an optimum approaching flow 2 option of single speed and variable speed fan

– Efficient and lightweight to carry with one person only
– Quick mechanism tilt by foot to ease the operation
– Versatile and innovative grip option for easy handling

– Reliable gasoline and electric motor
– Selected and high quality material

Compared to all other competitor fans in the same class, this fan model is the most compact in size and the most light in weight, all other brand has less tilt angle. These are very important but mostly is compact size and light weight.

Material of fan: The fan shroud is made of aluminum 8 blades in total with special design.

Comparison advantage: Compared to all other competitor fans in the same class, this fan model is the most compact in size and the most light in weight only 29Kg, with tilt angle of +20° / -20° which have wide angle of tilt compare to other’s.

Engine: With the new model of Mach 52 we use Honda GP 160 engine that has the perfect power to accomodate our blade to create powerfull output, after researching the capacity of the engine and the ease of use for the operator we decide to re-design the shape of the blade that has special shape and could insulate more powerful air output, that is why we have a better airflow.

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