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The Full Attack
Windshield rescue cover

This cover is allowing the protection of victims and operators during an accident.
It is a protection against glass debris and metal chips.

The cover is equipped with suction cups and magnets for secure gripping and the straps allow easy handling and positioning of the cover.

Fire classification: M1
Handles: 8
Dimensions : 1.5 x 2.65 m
Weight : 3 kg

PVC station for rescue tools
This PVC station for rescue tools is very practical for neat and tidy operation. It is also weighted for good grip on the ground.

It is also customizable with the logo of your choice.
Dimensions of the tarpaulin: 3 x 2 m

Protective covers vehicules
Cover coated on the outside, grey and green colour
Polyamide canvas interior, grey colour
Polyester strap 30 mm black
Velcro YKK® 30mm black
Retro-reflective 25mm 3M® grey

2 protective sleeves: 35 x 35 cm
1 small cover: 65 x 65 cm
1 large cover: 120 x 65 cm
1 carrying bag: L72 x W54 x H10 cm

Air bag protection
2 air bag protection made out of fabrics
(1 LV Ø35 cm + 1 HV Ø45 cm)

1 x plastic storage case: L28 x W39 x H11 cm

Windshield cutter
2 handles,, 1 glass breaker, 1 folding dented blade, 2 clips for easy storage

The end of the tool is reinforced to pierce the windshield and introduce the blade safely for optimal cutting action



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